Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hi from Congleton! (2/12 email)

Hello again! back to normal P-day!

Well I don't have to much to write cos its only been like 4 days.
So I started off my first couple of days in Congleton feeling like rubbish..I.  had to take some time to rest cos I was pretty sick. I had a blessing from one of the members though and felt loads better the next day :)

Sister Nemec and I have been doing a lot of finding (street contacting, bus contacting and AUF's). We've met some interesting people ;) I sat next to a girl on the bus and started talking to her... I'm pretty sure she wasn't all there. It was like listening to a broken record; she literally said the same few things over and over lol! She kept saying "I look like a poodle" ...good times.

We met a man in the park walking his dog... He wasn't terribly interested in coming to anything we invited him to, but he did listen to us, and we said a prayer with him. He must have really appreciated it cos all of a sudden he grabbed us in a loving embrace haha! Awkward!

We had Stake Conference this weekend, and it was brilliant! The talks were all about hastening the work of salvation. I think the message was pretty clear to all that we (members and missionaries) need to step up our game! These are the last days and we all need to invite everyone to come unto Christ!

Something that really stood out to me from Conference, was the testimony of a convert. He told us about how he had read the book of mormon and prayed but didn't receive an answer. It wasn't until he started living the word of wisdom and law of chastity that he could feel the spirit and receive his answer. I am so grateful he shared this, because I will keep this in mind when teaching investigators. Sometimes the reason why they don't receive an answer straight away is because they can't feel the spirit. They need to be living the commandments to feel the spirit.

Sister Nemec has a guitar! It is soooo good to have a strum on lunch break :P

Last night we went to the Mission Home Fireside. It was so good! This was my first time attending cos it's in Manchester and we have to rely on a member bringing us. I was very grateful we could attend. We brought along a less active member, Robert, and he loved it. We had a bit of an adventure on the way home cos Sister Timan got lost lol. We didn't get back to the flat til like 10:40!

Well today we put up our Christmas tree :) ill send a pic! I'm excited for Christmas! On the 17th We'll have a multi-zone Christmas celebration where Sister Preston will cook us a traditional Christmas feast and we will get our Christmas packages. Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing day we get to sleep in til 8 I think and are allowed to watch Disney movies lol. Christmas Day we will skype for an hour at the senior missionary couple's home (the Owen's).

That's all for now, have a brilliant week,

xoxo Sister Riley

"If you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today, How much would you have?" - Quote from Stake Conference

Scenery in Congleton
Sister Nemec and me
Our Christmas tree!

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