Friday, November 29, 2013

Transfers (28/11 email)


Sorry its been so long since the last email! The reason why is because of transfers! and guess what!? I have been transferred! I am now in Congleton with Sister Nemec from Austria! This is our first day together and she is lovely. She is very bright and bold and I am so excited to work with her!

I am so sore right now! Transfers were hectic cos both me and Sister Martin were transferring so we had to pack everything and carry everything and blah! I've got a cold too so I feel like rubbish. There's me whinge for the day... now to the good stuff.

Thanks to everyone who has been sending letters and cards. I really can't afford to send mail to all of them, but please let them know it was much appreciated.

Ok so highlight of the week! I got to meet a General Authority! Elder Teixeira of the 70! We had a conference with him and his wife, and ahhh! it was so good! Sister Martin and I were lucky enough to be chosen to speak one on one with him and it was amazing! I know that he was called by God, because without asking us questions, he gave us advice and counsel... it was like he knew exactly what we were going through and I am so grateful for that experience. He counselled us to "climb to the top of the mountain" so that we can see the greater view. So I am going to do that. It all starts with our thoughts. We need to shape our thoughts to a higher level. Sometimes I struggle with that... I start off the day so excited and motivated, and then rejection, rejection, rejection and then I'm like ahhhh I dont wanna do this anymore. But that needs to change! This is the Lord's work! and if I do it to my best ability he will bless us with someone to teach! 

We taught Richard again, and had an amazing lesson! We invited him to be baptised, and he said he would when the time is right! I know that he will be baptised in time! Richard has such a strong desire, and God will bless him for that :) After the lesson we had a miracle! We found Charles in the library! That man we met a few weeks ago and gave a Book of Mormon! He was happy to see us, and we had another lesson with him! Miracle!

We found out about transfers on Sat. night, and the days following were a rollercoaster of emotions. It was so hard saying goodbye to everyone... especially Sister Martin :'( but she is with Sister Burridge! lol! From one Aussie to another :P

Well as you know I don't have much time, but I want you to know that I am safe and happy. Being a missionary is the BEST!

Love you all so much xoxo Sister Riley

Crazy Telford ward missionaries :P
Les and Nas, the locals in Wellington

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