Monday, November 4, 2013

It's me again! (21/10 email)

Ok so you're probably wondering why my email was late last week. It's because on transfer week P-day is moved to Wednesday. It's back to normal now so I don't have as much to tell you this week.
The weather has started to get really wet, windy and rainy :( The umbrella I bought is not good enough and I'll probably have to buy a bigger, stronger one :( I've been told it could be snowing as early as next month!! I'm a little bit excited!!

The other day we made waffles! We bought some Canadian maple syrup and I think Sister Martin was pretty happy about that! It's been an interesting few days! Sister Martin has been "grounded" so to speak by President because she has pushed herself too much. She is always stressed and can't sleep well... to the point where she is just exhausted and physically can't keep up with the work anymore. So this week we are taking it easy. She is a workaholic and this is the worst news ever for her, but she really needs it. I hope that she can use this time to recover and learn how to deal with her stress.

Our washing machine is rubbish :( It is wrecking my clothes!
The other day we were walking  to an appointment and we saw this horse that looks like a cow..I will send a pic! crazy!

On Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting. It was about the Life of Christ. And Sister Martin bore her testimony. Bishop's kids Jacob and Sarah (about 6&8) gave us words that we had to use when we got up to speak. Sister Martin's word was socks and mine was mummy. Sister Martin fit hers in nicely, saying something like "I had to pull up my socks and work". Me on the other hand lol I got embarrassed, haha I said something like "My mummy always taught me..." hahaha oh boy!

Today we are going into town to shop for winter clothes with Dawn! I am so excited! She cooked us a Mexican feast last night. She is the best.
Have a great week! Love you all! xoxox Sister Riley.

The horse that looks like a cow aka corse
The crazy Dawn with the ice-cream cake she made
Sister Martin with the Canadian maple syrup

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