Monday, November 4, 2013

Grounded (28/10 email)

This week has been so slow. As I mentioned last week, Sister Martin has been "grounded" so to speak because of her health. So majority of our week was spent in the flat. I have never read so many Ensign articles in my life lol! Also watched a whole bunch of church DVDs and brushed up on my cooking skills :P

Last Monday was the best day ever! Dawn took us out for the day to go shopping for winter clothes and stuff. We had lunch at Maccas!... Normally that's no big deal but I haven't had it in so long and it tasted so good! So basically we spent the whole day shopping which again normally is no big deal, but it's been so long! It was the best! We were really good this week and bought all healthy food! I got to do a lot of cooking... things like stir-fries, soup and chicken and veg... normally we get ready meals or something cheap and easy... So it was a nice change.

We got to do some service this week, selling poppies for the Poppy Appeal. It was a good experience, people were very generous with their donations. The only other times we got out of the flat was for tea appointments, and we went to Dawn's to watch some General Conference talks in the onesies that she bought us lol! Sister Martin's in a giraffe and mine is a cat!

Last night we went to the Benson's for tea and Gemma has a new kitten. It is the cutest thing ever! I'll attach a photo for you!

I don't have much else to say... Our ward has a lot of dramas going on... it's pretty crazy... As missionaries we shouldn't get involved, but people just tell us things all the time! There was one drama in particular that we became involved in and it was really stressing us out because it was confidential and we couldn't tell anyone about it... We called President and told him about it (no names mentioned) and he gave us very wise counsel... You'll be pleased to know it has been dealt with and we feel a huge relief. Nothing to worry about.

Well that's all for this week, I'm looking forward to getting back to the work and out of the flat this week!

Love you all! xoxo Sister Riley

"When you are burdened with life, Serve...and the burden will be lightened." - Quote from our Bishop in sacrament meeting.

Healthy fridge
Autumn leaves
Gemma's kitten, Molly! sooooo cute!
Me with Molly
Gemma having a lion king moment with Molly

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