Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Super excited (11/11 email)


How is everyone? I am super excited today. We just got a grocery delivery from Sister Martin's mum! It was the best! Our fridge is full and happy and so am I :P

Ok I'll get straight into it...

This week we had a FHE at the Perkin's home with their non member friend Vicki and her two kids. It went really well. Sister Martin and I taught a short lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a fun activity for the kids, then they put on a movie to keep the kids quiet and we went into the other room to chat with Vicki. She had lots of great questions, and we felt the spirit as we talked with her. Sister Perkins felt prompted to put on a conference talk and we watched it together. It was so perfect! It really answered a lot of Vicki's questions, and afterwards Vicki invited herself to church lol. I am so excited to continue teaching her! she is really prepared!.... she didn't end up coming to church cos she wasn't feeling the best, but oh well! I have faith in her!

We had another Zone meeting on Tuesday. Our Zone Leaders are so funny and I gave them those koalas that mum sent me. They loved it! Tuesday night was Guy Fawkes night so we had to be in our flat early. Bonfires and fireworks everywhere! I wish it wasn't illegal back home it looked like so much fun!

We visited a less active family called the Amers. They were super friendly and we sat and chatted with the husband and wife. We asked if their children wanted to be taught the lessons (cos they aren't members) but they said no. But they are happy to have us meet with them every now and then :)

We taught Richard this week and we had a member come and fellowship with us. It was so bad!! Oh my goodness! Our last lesson with Richard was so good and we all felt the spirit, but this member kept going off topic, talking about random stuff... even arguing with Richard! The spirit wasn't there and Sister Martin and I felt like hitting our heads against the wall! Safe to say we are not taking this member with us again... we really hope that Richard will continue to see us :/

We had exchanges this week! This time I stayed in Telford! I was so nervous!! because I always follow Sister Martin's lead and this time I had to step up and lead! Sister Miner from Utah came with me for a day, and we had some great experiences together. She is in her last transfer, and very experienced so I learnt a lot from her :) She is sweet and gentle and kind. We did a lot of finding and we met someone tracting who actually wants us to come back! MIRACLE! Seriously that never happens here lol.

Funny moment for the week. Sister Martin and I were sitting in Sunday School and the teacher was talking about how the members need to make church a good environment for investigators to be in and I whispered to Sis Martin (being silly) "can I get an amen!" and the timing was perfect lol the whole class said amen! We tried so hard not to burst out laughing!

Well that is all for this week! thanks for your love and support!

xoxo Sister Riley.

Pretty rainbow!
Sister Martin and me with Sister Barney at Zone Conference..she is a crack up!
Exchange with Sister Miner

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