Tuesday, November 5, 2013

HIYA (4/11 email)

HIYA! You alright?

Man being a missionary is crazy! Such highs and lows I tell ya!

Firstly I just wanna say thanks so much for my birthday package! I got it 2 weeks early but I'm not complaining lol! Seriously I was sooooooo excited!! I especially loved the Aussie stuff cos I got to give some of it to Sister Martin :P And we had tim tam slams... Sister Martin loved it!

Ok! So the start of the week was slow, but we had an amazing lesson with Richard! and......he came to church!!!! and I'm pretty sure he felt the spirit! We can't wait for our next lesson!

The weather is rubbish! oh how I miss the sunshine :( rain rain and more rain... tracting in the rain is horrible... lol I'm turning into a whinging pom :P

I got to play guitar at a member's house for like 5 minutes haha I was soooo happy... but I've forgotten how to play any songs :/ Hopefully I can pick it up quickly when I come home, I miss it so much!

We had FHE with Tanwa again, and her Aunt from America was there. We had a lesson about the Do's and Don'ts of the Sabbath day cos there are some things I don't think she understands, like how we shouldn't go shopping and things on Sunday. Anyways I was a bit worried that maybe the lesson might not go well, with her Aunt not being a member and things, but it went really well, her aunt joined in and agreed with everything we said!

We had to stay in the flat for Halloween...so we made curry and ate sweets.
Friday night we had a ward activity.. .a "cake-off". Everyone made cakes and we got to try them all and vote for the best one. It was amazing! I tried baking a cake to enter, but I got the measurements wrong, trying to convert ounces and stuff and yeah it was rubbish so I didn't enter it... lucky I didn't cos the other cakes were amazing and I would have been super embarrassed haha.

Some members took us out to pizza hut! it was so good! Way better than pizza hut in Aus! It wasn't all you can eat though... you order a pizza and they bring it out still in the pan, then you have the salad bar n stuff.

Now for the best news of the week! After church yesterday, we stayed on for the baptism of Talitha Perkins in our ward (she is 8, daughter of one of our ward missionaries) and we got to talk to Sister Perkins' friend Vicki... we had a great discussion with her and she is now investigating the church!!! We will be having FHE at the Perkins' tonight and she will be there!!!! I am so excited!

Well that's all for now! Love ya heaps!
3 Nephi 5:13

xoxo Sister Riley

Sister Martin with some of my Aussie Presents :P
Tim tam slams pt 1
Tim tam slams pt 2

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