Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Crazy week (16/12 email)


It's been a crazy week, lots of ups and downs! We started off the week with Sister Nemec rolling her ankle so we had to stay in the flat for a bit. No sooner had she recovered, than she got ill and we had to stay in the flat a bit longer... so we didn't get very high numbers this week, but hey that's life!

Now for the good bits! I bought my first Christmas Sweater! lol, I'll send a pic! 
Sister Nemec did my hair... I'll send a pic next week... cut and ombre... I'm still getting used to it lol.

I am so excited for tomorrow! We have our Christmas lunch and training at the mission home. Sister Preston is cooking us all the traditional Christmas dinner, and we are all doing 'skits'. It's gonna be hilarious :)

This week we had dinner at the Boswells. It was the best cos their family reminds me so much of our family. Sister Boswell was trying so hard to gather everyone for FHE and it made me laugh (I'm sorry for all the times I was a pain and didn't want to come). Their son Michael loves Lord of the Rings and does the best Gollum impersonation!

We found a new investigator this week! His name is Paul, and he is so great! He wants to be baptised, and I am so excited!

We taught Wendy. She is about 50, goes to the pentacostal church, is super nice and wants to follow God. We taught her about the Sabbath Day and got her all pumped up to go to church... she said I'm gonna go to church this week! ...and we were like yeah! and then she's like...'the pentacostal church!' :( whoops lol.

Saturday night we had our ward christmas party. Our investigators Wendy and Paul came, and we all had a good time.

Man, I love being a missionary! This week has been tough emotionally, but The Lord blesses his missionaries and pours out blessings upon us. Thankyou for your prayers and support.

Love you all! xoxox Sister Riley

Alma 29:9-10

Sister Nemec and me doing face masks

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