Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas (9/12 email)

It is getting so cold! Oh my goodness! Not a day goes by now that I don't leave the flat without my scarf, gloves and a hat! It almost snowed the other day... I think they call it 'sleet' when it's not proper snow... so hopefully it snows soon!

Tuesday I went on exchange with Sister Brown in Stoke on Trent. Sister Brown is a sweetheart! She reminds me of a Disney princess cos she loves singing and she's just so sweet and innocent lol. Oh my goodness! Miracles happen on exchange I tell ya! I can't even put into words how amazing our exchange was... So far on my mission I have struggled with confidence, and being bold enough to talk to everyone I meet. But for some reason, in Stoke on Trent I wasn't scared at all! I spoke to everyone and loved it! Sister Brown and I taught lessons on the spot, had great gospel conversations, and in 2 days, we had 4 new investigators! Miracles!!!

Sister Nemec and I went out tracting the other day. I must admit, tracting is my least favourite finding method... Like 8/10 people will say "not interested" and shut the door on us. 

*knock knock*
man opens door
Sister Riley - "Hi, how are you?"
man - "I was good until you knocked on the door!"
slams door
English people are so friendly lol

On Saturday, we had our four hour finding. We were fasting, and we had set a goal to find 4 new investigators. We caught a bus out to Rode Heath which is like an hour away... We were there for 2 hrs, tracting and street contacting with  no success... it was pretty disouraging... but we went back home and on to part 2 of our plan. We had wrapped BOMs and DVDs in Christmas wrap, and went around to the other appartments in our building giving them out. People were happy to receive a gift, but not too interested in our message... When it was time to finish up and break our fast, Sister Nemec turned to me and said let's knock one last door. So we did, and we met a nice man who said he was happy to have us come round again and share our message with him.

Sister Nemec and I jumped for joy lol. All our effort was worth it! God waits until we have put in all our effort and then some more (knocking one last door) til he blesses us. This is how we learn and grow. If he gave us the blessings straight away, We wouldn't push ourselves and become better.

Well, that is all for this week, Hope you are all enjoying the Aussie sunshine lol.

Love Sister Riley xoxo

Sister Brown and me
Sister Nemec

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