Monday, December 23, 2013

Almost Christmas! (23/12 email)


It's almost Christmas!!! No snow yet, but it is so cold and wet! Last Monday I bought a proper winter coat that makes me look like the Michellin man lol, and some good boots from Clarkes that will hopefully last my mission.

Tuesday we had our Christmas training at the mission home. Ahhh! it was so good! Sister Preston cooked us a proper Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and we had a great time together. We all performed skits, did a 'white elephant' present swap and watched a movie together ("Ephraim's rescue" watch it, it's so good!).

On Saturday we went out "Farm Tracting" in Holmes Chapel. We walked for hours and hours and no one was really interested. We were on our way back when Sis Nemec was prompted to knock on a door... no one answered... just as we turned to leave a car pulled up, and a man got out his car. He was super friendly and we chatted to him for a bit. We asked him if he'd heard of 'mormons' and he was like yeah! Isn't the lead singer of the Killers a mormon? Haha! Man it was so good! We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he would look up the website to find out more! Miracle!

Sunday at Church, the Primary performed the nativity, it was so cute! Then in the evening we had a Carols night, and Sister Nemec and I sang 2 songs. O Holy Night and Christmas Bells, where Sis Nemec played guitar and sang in German.

I hope that we all remember the reason for the season and take time each day to think of Christ and all the wonderful things that He has done for us. One reason why I love being a missionary is because I am constantly thinking about Christ! He is the reason I am here! He is the message we share! I am so grateful for Him!

Thanks for the cards and Christmas wishes, love you all and hope you have a jolly Christmas! 

Love, Sister Riley.

Mosiah 24:15-16 - Christ doesn't take away our burdens, He gives us strength to carry on, he makes them light
The beautiful lake in Congleton
Sister Nemec and me 
Me in Sister Nemec's Dirndl (traditional Austrian dress)

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