Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I love Mondays (28/4 email)

Hiya! how is everyone?

It's been a busy week as always, but a lot slower! Partly because I was sick for half of the week with a bad cold, but as always Sunday comes around and it's the best! 

Claire gave us a referral! His name is Dale and he has had a rough life. But he has a good heart and wants to change which is the key. We taught him a couple times this week, and Sister Tolman and I are just super excited for all of them to be baptised (Claire, Natasha and Dale). Claire is amazing! She knows its all true, she is excited to come to church every week and this week she said her first prayer in our lesson. She has been praying in private, but it is so important to have our investigators pray in front of us. You can tell so much about their progress by their prayers... and it was a beautiful prayer, I have no worries about her at all J

We've been working a lot with Paul this week and praying so hard that he can progress! I can't even explain how it feels... his smoking is literally the only thing holding him back from a multitude of blessings and he just won't give it up... he won't even try :( We have tried so many different approaches... but in the end it doesn't even matter what we do... it's up to him and the Lord. I just hope and pray that he can have an experience that will change him. He has such a good heart and I know that Heavenly Father will help him out if he just lets him.

I know I thought that I was being transferred last time, but with transfers coming up next week, I really think its my time haha! I just love Congleton with all my heart and I will cry like a baby when I have to leave!

Sometimes I just get overwhelmed when I think of how much the Lord has blessed me since coming on my mission. My eyes have really been opened, and I am just so grateful! I am learning things here that I don't think I could have if I stayed at home. Serving a mission is not easy. Nobody really tells you how hard it is. And I think the reason why is because you really only remember the good bits! When you sit and reflect on your mission it's like Heavenly Father has erased the bad bits and it's just a highlights reel. It is THE BEST.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, but I think EVERYONE should serve a mission! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

I know with all of my heart and everything that I am that this church is true! 
I love you all so much! Stay strong, stay true to what you believe in and God will bless you! Til next time...

xoxo Sister Riley

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