Monday, April 14, 2014

The weather was rubbish (14/4 email)

Hi everyone!
Sorry it's gonna be a short one this week too... this morning we went to the library to email, but all the computers weren't working... so we had to get permission from president to email at a member's home!
Last monday Sister Tolman and I went to Manchester! It was great! The weather was rubbish haha but we had fun shopping and having a look around the city J I'll send photos next week! If I wasn't so poor I would have bought so much, but we did get a few things from Primark (so cheap! J) and I had Taco Bell for the first time for lunch J
It's been a hard week to be honest, we've done a LOT of walking and not a whole lot of immediate success but that's how it goes sometimes! I love what President Uchtdorf said in Conference... "how much of life is missed in waiting for the rainbow..." We need to be grateful for the rain! I feel like that definitely applies here in england J but really, we need to be grateful for the hard times as well as the easy times. God gives us these challenges for a reason, and I love how Sister Tolman and I were able to look back and reflect on our week and think about what lessons God was trying to help us learn through our trials.
We have been teaching Liberty and Olivia, and they are getting ready for their baptism next Saturday! We are so excited for them! Their dad Nigel said one of the nicest things to us the other day, I will never forget it... he said "Our lives are back on track thanks to you!" I nearly cried! This is what its all about!!! It's not about having 100 baptisms! It's about making a difference in someone's life! He was telling us about how is wife is coming to church this week and they are working towards being sealed in the temple! The look in his eyes! Oh it is just so wonderful to be a part of this wonderful time in their lives!
There are many other stories that I don't have time to share, but I have great news... I found a cherished friend of mine! We found a shop that sells Milo! I am happy J
Well, I hope you all enjoyed Conference! I'd love to hear what you learnt from it! J

Have a great week!

xoxxo Sister Riley

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