Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Miracles (23/4 email)

Hi everyone!

Did you miss hearing from me? Haha sorry about the delay... the library was closed for Easter! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and were able to remember its true meaning while you were eating chocolate J

We've been blessed to have some nice weather this week! I even went a couple of days without a coat! J Made me miss home a little bit haha! This week has been wonderful! So many miracles! The highlight definitely being the baptisms of Liberty and Olivia Windsor! Oh it was just beautiful! The smile on Nigel's face after he baptised his daughters was priceless. What a joy! Our investigator Claire came to the baptism and told us after that she and her daughter want to be baptised too! miracle! Sister Tolman and I were just a little bit excited!!

Ready for another miracle!? WENDIE CAME TO CHURCH! finally!!! Oh it was just the best Easter Sunday ever! Liberty and Olivia received the gift of the Holy Ghost, and after church we had lunch at the Owen's. They had a returned missionary staying with them, that they got very close to, and he wanted to go out tracting with us! It was great! After lunch we went out to Biddulph and we had some great lessons with him. Then the Owens came with us to teach Paul and we had a powerful lesson about the brother of Jared, and Elder Owens and Paul played their guitars afterwards... it was a really nice day J

We got to teach our new investigator Bekki and her friend Jess, and It was a very powerful lesson! We taught them how to pray and they were very excited to try it out... we are looking forward to seeing them again this week!

On Monday we were able to go to the temple! We were so excited to go! It's not very often we get to go... but because it was a bank holiday, the temple was open on our preparation day and that meant we could go J It was beautiful. Time just stands still in the temple. Everything just makes sense and all is right with the world. Brother Windsor told us that his family is working towards being sealed in the temple in September! We are so excited for them, and I can't think of a more joyous occasion than to be there with them on that special day. Doing the Lord's work brings the greatest happiness.

Yesterday we had our specialized training. It was a full on day! I learnt so much! And we got to have interviews with president. I feel very spiritually fed and ready to work harder than ever! Quote of the day from Sister Preston:
"If we don't testify of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, we might as well be teaching Catholicism or any other religion!"
This gospel is true! I know it with all my heart! if you know it too, tell someone! You will find more happiness in sharing it than in keeping it to yourself.

have a brilliant week, let your light shine.

xoxo Sister Riley.

Liberty and Olivia's baptism
Sister Tolman and me at the temple with Joey
(he is leaving for his mission in South Africa soon)
beautiful blossoming trees

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