Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year! (6/1 email)

Hi everyone!

Transfers this week! Sister Nemec is leaving, I'm staying and my new companion is Sister Tolman from Utah :) I can't wait! She is the best!

Hope you all had a great New Years! We went round to the Boswell's to bring in the New Year. Sister Boswell fed us real good haha! so much So that Sister Nemec broke her chair! hahahah! It was actually the funniest thing ever. We played games with them (pictionary, charades, etc.) which was way fun :) The Boswell kids are really funny :) We got back to the flat about 10, and we were allowed to stay up til 12, but we were too tired lol. The fireworks woke us up though... its legal to set off your own fireworks here, so needless to say, everyone and his dog were setting them off and I didn't get much sleep!

I went on exchange this week with Sister Sun. She is one of the Sister Training leaders. She's originally from Taiwan, but moved to Utah... which means everyone I've been on exchange with so far has been from Utah!

I love exchanges cos miracles always happen on exchange! We found three new investigators!
I'll tell you about Zane.. We met him street contacting. We started talking to him, and he broke down crying as he told us his story. He is at rock bottom, and is now turning to God to help him. He's been attending another church, but he said he would come with us to our church next week :)

He came to a movie night we had last night. We watched Ephraim's Rescue again cos it's so good! It really touched Zane, and he said he will read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it's true! We will teach him tonight! He is so prepared!

Well I don't have much time... I am so rubbish with taking photos! I don't have any to send for this week except for the beautiful sunrise we saw the other day!

Have a brilliant week
D&C 81:5

xoxo Sister Riley

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