Thursday, September 12, 2013

So happy to be a missionary (5/9 email)

Hey everyone! Well I know you're all super anxious to find out where my first area is and who my trainer is! :P I am in a village called Wellington in the area of Telford! It is beautiful here! Very green and little cottages and ahhh! so sweet! My companion is Sister Martin from Canada, eh! II am so happy that the mission president has let us email today! We just came back from grocery shopping... still getting used to the currency :P 

Last day in the MTC was bittersweet... I was so excited to get out of that building lol but so sad to leave my new friends :( We had to get up at 5 am :( :(  then on a bus to Manchester. We were greeted by President Preston and his wife and we all spent time together learning and doing activities til about 2 pm when we had the transfer meeting!!! I was blown away by how many missionaries were there... about 100, and my companion tells me that was less than half of them! They got us new missionaries to sit up the front and they called out our names one by one and assigned us to our companions... I was the first sister called out! I was so nervous! But as soon as sister Martin came up to hug me I felt relieved and happy.

From Manchester we caught a bus and then a 2 hr train ride to Telford. We spoke to some people and gave out cards. It was easier than I thought. Everyone here keeps telling me this is the best mission in the world :P and it is an exact obedience mission so no rule breaking! It is very strict... they don't want us to use casual language at all so it's going to be hard for me! e.g. calling people 'guys' and saying 'cool'. At first I was like this is a bit extreme but president Preston explained to us about living the 'higher law' and the blessings that come from exact obedience. So I am going to try my hardest to live up to the standards set. 

Ok so I have seen some weird things today! When we went out for a morning walk we saw a lady walking! lol and then later on we saw two girls, which sister Martin told me were 'chavs', I think that's like bogans... and they were wearing their dressing gowns in the middle of town and one of them had a dummy in her mouth! like a baby! what the? I love hearing people talk. I hope I pick up the accent :P The weather has been really nice so far. Warm and sunny. Sister Martin says that will soon change :P Oh and I am so lucky! We have the best flat in the whole mission! Seriously it is so nice! We have a double bed each; it's very modern... the only thing that isn't the best is the shower... its a bit rubbish :P 

Tonight we have two teaching appointments! We are teaching the 2nd discussion to Estella an investigator who has a baptismal date! and then we are teaching a less active member! Oh another reason I am so lucky is sister Martin has 2 baptisms lined up! So I am stoked! one on the 14th and one on the 21st! So blessed!

Well that's all for now. Thanks for your emails. Love you all. I can't wait to get into it!
xoxox Sister Riley

P.S. Mum I got your card when I was in the MTC. Thanks heaps, love you xoxo

Sister Staheli and me with our teacher Brother McClure

Me and my trainer Sister Martin :)

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