Thursday, September 12, 2013

HIYA! (9/9 email)

Hi everyone! Life as a missionary is the best! I can't put into words how wonderful it really is. I got your second card mum, thanks :) From now on please send mail to my flat: 

12 Bickerstaff Court
Wellington, Telford Shrops, TF12HL
United Kingdom

Cheers! lol everyone says that here. So since my last email a lot has happened! I think I told you that we have two baptisms lined up.. .Estella and Remek. Estella is a girl round about my age, her mum is a recent convert. Estella has already been taught all the lessons by the Elders about a year ago but for some reason never got baptised. So we are re-teaching her and the baptism is set for the 21st. She is such a great girl. She has some great questions... she has some doubts within herself but I know as she continues living the Gospel the Lord will bless her and she will be ready :)

Remek... he's Polish and barely speaks a word of English lol, but he is a funny man! I got to meet him on Saturday night. His baptism was scheduled for the 14th and the Elders came round to give him the baptismal interview... so turns out he's been drinking coffee again and his baptism has to be postponed. Sister Martin was a bit frustrated I think. We explained to him the importance of the Word of Wisdom and he has re-committed to live it. The Elders gave him a blessing to help him resist his addiction. I have faith in him that He will be able to get through and be ready in 2 weeks time.

We are also teaching an African lady called Tanwaa. She is amazing! She used to be Muslim but converted to Christianity  She has two young children and wants to follow God. She came to church on Sunday.  I sat with her kids and kept them entertained which meant unfortunately I didn't get anything out of sacrament meeting, lol. The people in my ward are very friendly, reminds me a bit of Paralowie Ward actually :P They got me to give the opening prayer, and afterwards everyone came up to me and asked me where I was from... no one could pick up my accent :(  They thought I was British.  I guess the Adelaideian accent isn't as strong as the other states...I think I sound pretty Aussie :/ 

Ok so let me tell you about the experience I had train contacting this week. We have to catch a lot of buses and trains everywhere because we live pretty far from everything. So one of our main finding methods is through bus and train contacting. I was so scared to do it for the first time! We got on the train and split up, purposely sitting next to someone. I talked to four people all up that day. The best conversation I had was with this man who was in uniform... at first I felt intimidated and I wasn't even going to talk to him! Finally I started talking and had a wonderful spiritual conversation with him (don't judge a book by its cover!!) He talked about his family and his beliefs, and I shared with him how the Gospel has helped me. I told him about prophets and how we have a living prophet on Earth today and he said that makes sense to him! I wish we could have spoken for longer, but I left a card with him and he said he would check it out! Oh yeahhhh! I felt on top of the world!

My feet have been hurting cos the flats I brought with me suck... so today hopefully I can buy a new pair. My shoulders hurt from lugging my scriptures around with me and I am tired and hungry all the time... but you know what!... I am just so happy... The good experiences I've been having far outweigh all of those things and getting in to bed at the end of the day is the best thing in the world. Seriously when I think of bed I start smiling like someone who is in love haha!
So this morning in companionship study Sister Martin and I had a huge d&m and we just cried for like an hour lol it was a good experience for us and we're tight now.

We're going shopping after this and I'm keen to check out the sweet shop! Oh and they have these little cheesecake things that are soooo goooood! We have a tea date like everyday this week pretty much! They feed us well! Like big portions! But we've been going for runs so we don't get fat... I know what you're thinking.... Jade, running?! haha! Taking baby steps! Soon I'll be a professional runner!

Well I have to go! Thanks for your love and support! Til next time!

xoxox Sister Riley

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