Monday, July 7, 2014

Miracles! (7/7 email)

We've had a week of miracles! God always blesses us with miracles when we are working hard!

Sister Madsen and I were out street contacting one night and I was feeling super discouraged. I was just sick and tired of being ignored and of no-one wanting to listen. So I knew that we needed to pray. We went around a corner, and prayed for guidance that we could find someone to teach. After the prayer I asked Sister Madsen what came into her mind straight after the prayer and she said that she felt we should go visit our neighbour that we met a few days ago, and I was feeling the exact same thing. So we went there and knocked on their door and he answered. He is an Indian man, very friendly and he invited us in and we met his family. They are Roman Catholic, originally from India but have lived here about 10 years. They are very strong in their faith, but at the same time, they are so friendly and willing to talk about our beliefs too. He told us he'd met missionaries before and had a Book of Mormon. It was such a big miracle! he said we can come back anytime!

Here's another one. On the train home from district meeting, I sat by a girl about my age. I always get so scared to talk to people at first, but as soon as I do, it's fine. We started chatting, and she told me how she had grown up Catholic, but when she travelled to America she visted other Christian churches and felt closer to God in those churches. But she felt that she hadn't yet found the 'right' one for her! Well needless to say, I was very excited to hear this, and she asked me a lot of questions about our church, about my mission and what I believe in. She happily took a card from me and as we went our separate ways and she said to me... 'don't feel like you're not making a difference, you've made a difference in my life!' Oh it was just the best! I know that we were meant to meet!

One last miracle. Last night as we were going around town visiting less-active members, we met this man and started to talk to him. He had just moved here from London, (originally from Iran) after getting his degree to be a doctor and will be working at the hospital here. He is Muslim, and we talked for a long time about our beliefs and standards which are very similar. He was amazed to find young people with the same standards, and was very excited to meet with us again.

I am so grateful for the miracles that we are seeing. This is the Lord's work! The only reason we don't see miracles is because we lack faith! I am so grateful to be serving with Sister Madsen! she has so much faith, and she is such a blessing to me.

On Saturday evening the Rhyl ward put on a pageant about the church history in the area. It is an amazing story if you get the chance to look it up. Sister Chris Donaldson put in a lot of hard work to organise it all and it was a huge success! The Mayor of Rhyl came as well as lots of non-members! We have two referrals because of it, and hopefully more on the way. The spirit was so strong and I know that all present could feel it. This is an amazing ward and I am so excited to work closely with them and see baptisms!

The time is now for members and missionaries to unite! We can't do this work by ourselves! Pray to Heavenly Father and ask him who YOU can share the joy of the gospel with. He WILL let you know because it is what he wants. It is not good enough for us to keep all the blessings to ourselves, we need to share them with others! My heart hurts when I think about all the people in this world who have no hope, who are wandering around in the dark, lost and lonely. The gospel is the only source of lasting light, hope and joy. YOU can make a difference! all you need to do is open your mouth and let people know what they're missing.

I know that God lives. There is not a single doubt in my mind. Yes, there are lots of questions left unanswered, but if we pray to him, He will let us know He is there and he will help us with the things we struggle with. I know that cos It has happened to me.

I hope you all are well, I love you all so much
xoxo Sister Riley

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