Monday, June 30, 2014

Joy in His service (30/6 email)

I never know where to start!

President and Sister Preston finished their mission this week... We had a special farewell meeting, where we all wore red (because President is a Manchester United fan) and we all cried our eyeballs out... me especially! I have this problem where whenever I start crying I just think about all the things that make me sad and I'm just a mess! I can't put into words how much the Prestons mean to me. They will always have a special place in my heart. President is just a joy to be around! He always makes me feel so happy! No matter how hard your day has been, just speaking to him will make you feel better. He is so positive and optimistic, and I just love how he taught me to not just 'endure to the end' but ENJOY to the end! It's comforting to know that he lives in the mission boundaries though, and after their holiday they will be in the Ashton 2nd ward (fingers crossed that I get to serve there!).

So we taught Cheryl this week, and set a baptismal date with her... exciting news right, but unfortunately we will have to drop the date... It's a bit complicated, but we've prayed about it, and due to her mental health, we feel that it's not the right time... but in the future I'm sure she will be baptised.

Sister Madsen and I like to end the day walking down the beach, looking for lost and lonely souls to share the joy of the gospel with haha! This week we definitely found some! We met a man named James... probably in his 50s and he opened up to us about how he had just lost his wife to cancer, and how he does NOT believe in God. My heart was just breaking as he told us his story. He wanted me to prove to him that there was a God. He was so bitter and wanted to argue. I didn't know what to say, but as I opened my mouth to testify of God, I just burst out crying! I bore my testimony to him that there IS a God. I said that I didn't have all the answers to his questions, but I told him the things that I do know. Life is hard. There are so many things about life that don't make sense and that make us hurt, but God does love us. He has a perfect plan for us to be happy. It doesn't mean that we will be happy all the time, and that bad things won't happen to us, but if we trust in him and follow him, he will take us by the hand, wipe away our tears and show us the wonderful plan he has for us. I don't know if our answers and testimonies made a difference, he didn't accept any of our invitations, but I hope and pray that he will remember how he felt as we told him the truth. Each of us have the light of Christ within us that helps us to know the truth when we hear it. That is a blessing from God, He has not left us alone!

On Saturday we went out with Barry and Linda to teach our investigator Andrew. We finally got to teach him inside his home and teach the restoration! It was great, Barry is the man! Andrew is very smart, and kept going off topic, but he is very open to the ideas that we presented to him. He said he would read the Book of Mormon and pray, and I really hope that we can teach him again soon!

This Saturday the Rhyl ward is having a pageant about the church history in the area. We will be a part of it, and it's gonna be great! It will be a wonderful missionary opportunity, with all the members inviting their non-member friends. The mayor of Rhyl will be there too, and it's very exciting! I just LOVE the Rhyl ward! so many wonderful people! The church is true!

Sister Madsen is doing really well, and I am so proud of the missionary she is becoming! She is full of faith and obedience and is such an example to me.

I hope that you all have a wonderful week. Here is a quote from the Ensign that I thought was super powerful! "Our eternal happiness will be in proportion to the way that we devote ourselves to helping others." - George Albert Smith

It is so true! The only way we can be truly happy is to serve others.

xoxo Sister Riley

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