Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer? (9/6 email)

So apparently it's summer... It's been raining all week haha!

The week started off with some exciting news from a returning member that we have been working with. She told us she had found someone for us to teach! She was super excited and so were we :) She arranged for us to meet up with her friend, and we taught her and the father of one of her children. They had loads of questions, some of them were a bit strange cos of some stuff they'd read on the Internet about mormons... you know what, that is something that frustrates me... how when people have questions about mormons, they go to dodgy websites written by people who don't like us instead of going to the true source... anyways... It was really great to get a referral, it really is the best way to find people that are prepared.

Sister Campbell and I felt that we should get Priesthood blessings this week, and we were able to receive them from Elder Donaldson (a member of the 70 who is in our ward) It was amazing! As soon as he started the blessing I just cried the whole way through. I felt like the Saviour was there with me and it was such a comforting feeling. I know that the blessing was from God. The words were exactly what I needed to hear, and I am so grateful that I was able to receive that blessing. I am so grateful for the Priesthood.

Ok, now for the best part of the week! I was lucky enough to get permission to travel back to Congleton for the baptisms of Claire and Natasha! As soon as I stepped off the bus in Congleton, it felt like I was coming home. I was so happy to see my friends again :) It was such a beautiful day, one that I will never forget!

I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful work. I cannot describe the joy you feel when you see someone you have taught and helped along their way make covenants with God. It is so sacred. It is such a privilege. It makes all the hard things about being a missionary SO worth it!

I love the Rhyl ward. They are an amazing group of people. They are also super funny. Here is something that a member said that made me laugh my head off this week: "Every day I read the obituaries... all my friends are dying! I think... Oh no! another one bit the dust!"

I am so excited to work with the members and be united as members and missionaries! It's gonna be amazing! There will be miracles!

Last night we went to the missionary fireside. It was President and Sister Preston's last one, and it was PACKED! SO GOOD! Claire got up and shared her conversion story and I was sitting there smiling like an idiot haha I am so proud of her! She is amazing!

Well folks, that's all for this week! I hope you are all doing great! I would love to hear from you!

xoxo Sister Riley

District meeting
Claire & Natasha's baptism
Me and Esther Burgess' sister!

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