Monday, July 21, 2014

There is always a lesson to be learned (21/7 email)

This week went by so quick!

After our district meeting on Tuesday, we went on exchange with the Sister Training Leaders. I was with Sister Manning here in Rhyl. She is a powerhouse missionary! She taught me a lot. I think the most important thing that I gained from the exchange was a boost in my confidence, and to see that I can be a powerful missionary when I try my best. We went out finding, and taught 3 lessons on the spot and found a new investigator.

Doesn't sound like a big deal, but it was, because lately when we've been out finding we find it hard to teach lessons and find more people to teach. So I was thinking well why is that? Why was it easy on exchange? And it has a lot to do with attitude and faith. I'll be the first to admit that when we go out finding I don't always have the best attitude, I think about past experiences and rejections and let that influence the way I go about missionary work... I think things like "No-one's gonna listen anyway.."  But it was different this time because we went out with a smile on our faces and expecting to find people and we did! It's something that I need to continually work at... for some people it comes naturally, but I think this is an important lesson that I need to learn... Our attitude is a choice! We can choose to have a positive attitude no matter what happens! Our circumstances and surroundings can influence the way we feel, but ultimately it is us who choose the way we feel and act. So I will be trying harder to choose to be positive and to have the faith everytime I go finding, that God has prepared someone who will listen.

We had a meeting with all the sisters in the mission this week at the new YSA building in Manchester. It was so nice to get together with everyone! especially to be able to see Sister Tolman before she goes home :'( I got to see all of my companions actually, it was great!

President and Sister Ulrich wanted us to know how much they love and care for us, and Sister Ulrich who is super fit and healthy stressed to us the importance of being fit and healthy as missionaries. So we had a healthy lunch together and then a work out session haha! Oh my goodness I thought I was gonna die the next day, I was so sore!

We visited with Teresa and Sabrina this week (the less-actives we are working with) and they both committed to come to church... sadly for whatever reasons they both didn't come... It's so disappointing when that happens! Satan works so hard on people to stop them from doing the right thing... I really hope that we can get them back to church, it will help them so much!

last night we finally got to teach Linda! Oh I am so excited about her! We had such a great lesson about receiving answers to prayer, and she committed to pray every night and apply the things we talked about. I am slowly getting better at communicating with God and getting answers to my prayers, so I was able to share with her all the things that I have learnt, and I really feel that we are building a good relationship with her, she feels comfortable around us and is very honest and open which is so great. I think that she is so close! It was amazing, when we were teaching, words were just coming out my mouth that I hadn't planned, and I was testifying of the truth of what I was saying... cos even though I hadn't planned it, I knew what I was saying was true! It was such a strange experience... it was like the words that I was saying were new to me and I was learning at the same time! I know that if Linda does the things we talked about that she will get her answer!

I just wanted to finish with a scripture I came across in my study 2 Cor 4:5
"But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost."

As I read this it made me think about the badges that we wear as missionaries. A lot of people have asked me why we wear them, and talked about how maybe we would be more successful if we didn't wear them... I've thought about it, and I think a big reason why we wear them is pointed out in this scripture. Because of our badges, we can be clearly identified as representatives of Jesus Christ. There are people who are lost who are searching for the truth, and our badges make it easier for them to see that we are someone they can turn to for help. In 'Preach My Gospel' it says "you will be led to them or they will be lead to you." And I have had many experiences where people have come up to us, and it's because of the badge. I am so grateful to be able and worthy to wear the name of Jesus Christ. It is such a huge blessing and responsibility! To wear the name of Christ is to be like him! And even though you might not wear the badge, when you were baptised, you wrote Christ's name on your heart and promised to be like Him. So keep that in mind as you go about your day. Remember what you promised you would do, and remember that God always keeps his promises if we keep ours.

Love you all so much!
xoxo Sister Riley

Me and my beautiful companion - Sister Madsen
Sister Nemec!
Sister Tolman - One last time :'(

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