Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New stuff (14/7 email)


So this week we went to Manchester to have a "meet the new president and his wife" conference. They are President and Sister Ulrich from Sandy, Utah. I'll admit I wasn't super excited to meet them because of how much I love President and Sister Preston, and I felt like no one could replace them. But as President Ulrich spoke to us, he talked about President Preston, and how wonderful he is and how much he means to us... that he doesn't intend to 'replace' him but that now is a new chapter and that now is the time for us to serve together. The Ulrich's are great. A little cheesy, but just really friendly, happy people that are nice to be around. They are full of excitement and enthusiasm, and I felt super motivated after the conference. President kept saying that "things are about to explode" in this mission, and I believe it!

Also, they had big news, in Sep/Oct we will be getting Ipads! which will enhance the work in so many ways. So that's exciting!

President Ulrich is very educated in his gospel knowledge, and wants us to be the same. he challenged us all to memorise the 13 Articles of Faith; luckily for me, I still have them memorised from when I was in Primary! So yeah, he is great and He wants us to really study hard and know the doctrine!

This week I had a spiritual experience different to any I've had before. I woke up in the middle of the night, and I felt like God was speaking to me... not as a voice, but in my mind. It was very clear, even though I was half asleep haha! Heavenly Father said to me that I am here in Rhyl at this time for Linda. Linda is the non-member wife of Barry Donaldson, and she has been taught by missionaries for years and years; she comes to church and is basically a Mormon, but not baptised. So after that experience, we have been fasting and praying, and focusing on her. She is so close! She said that as soon as she gets her own spiritual confirmation that its all true, she will be baptised!

On Saturday we went out to Bodelwyddan (dd makes a th noise) to visit a member, shared a spiritual thought, then went with her to teach her neighbour! It was so great! This is what missionary work should be like! As we unite with the members, and build up their testimonies, then they want to share it with those around them!

Then in the evening, the Muslim man we met last week came to the church so we could give him a chapel tour. It was so good! He had so many questions, and the spirit was really strong as we bore our testimonies in the chapel.

I just love this work. We have a recently returned missionary in the ward who has been called as assistant ward mission leader, and he has lots of great ideas for us to hasten the work, with a big focus on working with the members. This week we will be focusing on the members, building them up and then going out with them to share it with their friends! Its exciting!

Hope you all have a great week! feast on the words of Christ!
xoxo Sister Riley

Castle in Denbigh
Sisters at the castle
Posing at the castle

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