Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring is here! (10/3 email)


This week has been a week of miracles! I finally was able to reach the standard of excellence and Sister Tolman always tells me that miracles happen when you do this... she was very right!

We had 5 investigators at church on Sunday and we were sooo happy! There was Paul who comes every week, Julie and Darren a couple that we met this week, and Olivia and Liberty... daughters of a less active man in the ward. It was amazing!

Julie and Darren are a miracle! We found them at a bus stop and said a prayer with them... Julie was moved to tears, and they said they would love to meet with us. The next day we taught them the restoration and they ate it up! Just loved it! Julie said that ever since we said the prayer good things have been happening! They came to our ward activity on Saturday night and then church on Sunday and we are just so excited for them!

We also found another new investigator. Her name is Claire. She has 2 kids and is pregnant. She said that Christ literally saved her life, and she really loved meeting us. We will see her again this week J

I ate so many pancakes this week! It was pancake day on Tuesday so we had some at district meeting... then some more at our tea appointment, then on Saturday night we had a ward activity which was eating pancakes too! British pancakes are pretty much the same as aussie pancakes, but they all just love lemon and sugar... I prefer maple syrup... Sister Tolman says they aren't real pancakes haha!

We'll sorry its a short one this week, I'm out of time! But I can't even describe how amazing this week was! I am so blessed! I have loved every minute serving here in Congleton with Sister Tolman. The ward is amazing, and there are so many people here who are ready for the Gospel! Get ready to hear about more miracles!!

Here's your reading assignment for the week: Mosiah 4:11-12 It really stood out to me in my study and I just love it! 

Have a brilliant week! The sun is shining and it's gonna be a good day!
xoxo Sister Riley

There are daffodils springing up everywhere! Apparently they are the Queen's favourite flower J

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