Monday, March 17, 2014

Crazy Congleton (17/3 email)

Hi everyone!

Despite being sick with a cold for most of the week, it's been a good one!

Last Monday, Sister Tolman got permission for us to travel to her first area, Littleborrough to visit some of her close friends there. I wasn't terribly excited to go, but it ended up being really nice. We met up with a man named Brian who Sister Tolman has a special friendship with (it's not dodgy... he is an old man haha). I thought it was weird when Sister Tolman was telling me her best friend was an old man, but then I met him and now I understand. He is the most kind and loving person in the world! He is dying, but he is so full of faith and optimism. I learnt so much from the brief visit we had with him. Before we left he said a prayer with us, and I cannot describe how strong the Spirit was. We were all bawling our eyes out. It was so powerful, and I will never forget that moment. 

We also met up with her friend Tammy, and she took us out for Nandos. I was a very happy chappy :P

I went on exchange this week with Sister Finke. She is from Germany. Very smart and quiet. It was difficult cos I was sick, but we still saw some miracles together J

Funny story for the week... we had just come back from a tea appointment, and we went to visit Pauline Brown... I think I mentioned her before... she was the old lady who loves to smoke and drink... anyways, we went in, and she told us she'd cooked us a meal (oh oh!) we were already pretty full, but we didn't want to upset her, so we ate it... then she insists we eat more... so we do... then she brings out this massive trifle and insists we eat it all... I believe in the power of prayer because without it I would definitely have thrown up! haha!

We went round to see Emily this week! It had been a while since we'd seen her cos of exams and things. She was really friendly and chatty, and it wasn't long into our chat that her friends came over. They were all so nice and started asking us all about our religion! It was crazy! One girl in particular really wanted to learn more, so we will see her again! J miracle!

Our investigator Claire came to church this week with her two children! It was so good! So many miracles are happening here in Congleton! I just LOVE it here!

When it comes to the gospel, I feel like I really don't know that much. But One thing that I know 100% is that God blesses us when we are obedient. When things aren't going so well, ask yourself... am I being exactly obedient? And there are always ways we can be more obedient. I know that as we make those improvements, the blessings always come. Sometimes, our eyes are just opened to blessings that we already have, but have taken for granted. I am so grateful for all my many blessings... sometimes I am even grateful for the trials... only sometimes ;)

I love you all so much!
The Church is true!

xoxox Sister Riley

We are silly

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