Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The spirit speaks every language (9/2 email)

Hi everyone!

The work has been a bit slow this week... none of our investigators were able to meet with us, but we did get to visit with a lot of members and less-actives. We baked cookies and dropped them off for a few people, and it's such a good feeling to see how happy it makes people.

I went to the chiropractor, and I didn't know that my body could crack that much! Haha! It was crazy! But it did help a lot... I was getting to the point where I was in constant pain, but It's not too bad now.

Yesterday after church, Angela and Dave Friend had us round for lunch and they made us chicken parmis! Ahhh! Haven't had a parmi since being in England, so it was pretty good! We left their house very well fed, and went to visit Gyozo, the Hungarian man that we read the Book of Mormon with... He comes out with 2 big plates full of food for us and I was gonna die! I don't know how I got through it... he even refilled my plate half way through! So after eating, we read from the Book of Mormon. Gyozo's English is very bad, and it's very hard to communicate with him... so our appointments with him are literally just him reading the Book of Mormon in English out loud, and us helping him with his pronunciation. We tried saying a prayer with him once but it was very awkward and uncomfortable because he had no idea what was going on... anyways here is the best part! Before we left he types something into google translator and it says "round blessing" we look at him and say "no understand". He types something else and it says "can you say a prayer?" Oh it was so sweet! We said "yes of course!!" and said a prayer! He had the biggest smile on his face! I know that reading the Book of Mormon brings the spirit, and the spirit speaks all languages! Gyozo's English is improving and his heart is being softened because of the power of the Book of Mormon :)

Yesterday, in sacrament meeting, I had a wonderful, spiritual moment as we sung the sacrament hymn " I stand all amazed". Instead of just singing the hymn, I really thought about the words I was singing and the spirit filled my heart. As I listened to the prayers and partook of the bread and water, my thoughts were full of deep gratitude for the Saviour. It's hard to comprehend the Love He has for us, that He would go what He went through because He loves us all so much. It truly is wonderful what He did! and the chance that we have each week to start over... what a blessing! I want everytime I take the sacrament to be like that. 

Love you all so much!
xoxo Sister Riley
1 Cor 2:9

I'm so lucky

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