Monday, February 16, 2015

Charity (16/2 email)

"While we don't choose all that lands on our plates, we may choose some of the trimmings. Laughter is a condiment that makes just about anything go down better." - Elaine Jack

I read this quote this week and I loved it. We can't choose everything that will happen to us in life, but we can choose to be happy... come what may and love it. This week has been hard. I'm not going to go into details of everything, but I just wanted to share with you what I have learnt from it all. 

As we went round visiting people this week, the message that we shared was about charity from Moroni 7:45

And charity suffereth long, and is kind, and envieth not, and is not puffed up, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil, and rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

This scripture has sunk deep into my heart, and I am coming to understand more what it really means to have charity. Charity is a gift from God. It's not something we can achieve or earn, it's something that we are blessed with as we pray for it and serve with all our hearts. In the bible dictionary it says that Charity is the purest, noblest form of love, and I feel that it is a love that the English language doesn't have adequate words to describe. When I read this scripture, certain people I have met throughout my life come to my mind. People who are truly living examples of charity. When we have charity, it becomes a part of who we are. Serving becomes second nature to us and we love to serve because of the love we have for God and those around us. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary and to serve every day. As my mission nears to an end, I can't help but feel a deep sadness because of how amazing it has been, and the thought of leaving it behind is hard to accept. But I realise now that although it won't be exactly the same when I come home, I can still experience the same joy that comes from sharing the gospel and serving. And that gives me a lot of comfort. That makes it not so bad. 

We had a mission activity day where we got to watch the church produced film "Meet the Mormons" I just loved it so much! I cried and cried especially when they showed the story of the "Missionary Mom"; it hit a little to close to home for me. The film just really made me reflect on my life and the decisions I will make and who I want to be. More than anything else I want to bless the lives of others. I know that true happiness comes when we stop thinking about ourselves and serve others, and that is what I want to do for the rest of my life. My mission has really opened my eyes and helped me to see things in an eternal perspective... to see what things matter the most, and I am so grateful for the important lessons I've learned.

I just want to bear my testimony that I KNOW that God is real. It's not just a belief, I know it... with everything that makes me who I am today. He is our loving Heavenly Father. He created us in his image and we have divine potential . We chose to come to this Earth before we were born. We knew that life on earth would be hard, but that we would learn, grow and develop in ways that were not possible if we had stayed in our Heavenly home. God knew that there would be problems and obstacles in life that we as humans could not overcome by ourselves, so he provided a way for us. He sent his son Jesus Christ to the Earth. Jesus Christ is not a fictional character. He lived on this earth once, and he will come again. He set the perfect example for us. He suffered and died for us... not only to pay the price for our sins but so we could have someone to turn to when we are suffering. He is the only one who can understand us perfectly because He knows exactly what we are going through. Every pain, every illness, every fear, every heartache. He's been there. What peace and comfort this brings. To know that we are not alone. Even when we are in the depths of despair, he can rescue us. There is great purpose for our suffering in life. We could not become who we are designed to be if we didn't have hard times. I know that God has restored his church and gospel in all its fullness to the earth, through a prophet. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and it was written for you and me. I love this book. It has helped me to know and understand about God, Jesus Christ and the plan of happiness that they have for us. I know that death is not the end. We will be reunited with those we love. If we choose to follow the example of Christ, we can live together in eternal peace and happiness. I know these things are true because the Holy Ghost has testified to my heart that they are true. The Holy Ghost is how we can know the truth of all things. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Sister Jade Riley

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