Monday, August 18, 2014

It's the little things that matter most (18/8 email)

My arms and back are aching! This week we trimmed hedges for a lady in the ward, and it sounds like nothing but it was hard yakka!

We've been visiting with the members and committing them to prayerfully set a date by when they will have someone for us to teach. The spirit has been very strong as we've testified and promised blessings to them if they will just do it! I'm excited! It's a great ward. The next few weeks we will be following up with them... following up is so important! nothing happens unless we follow up!

We had a miracle this week. A few weeks ago I think I wrote about a lady we met at the bus station who was having a bad day and we were just meant to meet her... she gave us her number and seemed keen but she never answered her phone... we were super sad cos she was so great, but then this week we bumped into her again! The timing of it was just too good! It was meant to happen, and even she thought it was more than a coincidence. We had a lesson with her right there at the bus station and prayed with her and I just hope and pray we can meet with her soon!

We finally got to see Cheryl again this week. She had been in hospital for a bit with her mental health problems, but she's out now and still wants to be baptised. We will need to take things slow with her. It's great that she has a strong desire to follow Christ, but she needs to understand the doctrine. We had a lovely lesson with her and during the week I had found an article in an old Ensign written by someone with bipolar disorder which I shared with her. It was all about how the atonement helps us through trials. I love what the author said about mental illness not being a punishment from God, but a trial that some of us go through... Christ can and will help us through all trials if we turn to him.

We taught Linda twice this week! the first one wasn't the best as she'd just finished a long day of work and was super tired, but last night we had a great lesson with her. She was very open and honest as we asked lots of questions to see if we could understand where she's at and why she's not keeping commitments. I feel a lot better about her after that lesson, I understand where she's coming from and I know that as she acts on her faith that she will gain a testimony and God will help her to progress. Linda will be baptised, I know it. I want it to be while I'm here in Rhyl, but it's not about me... she will be baptised when she is ready.

On Friday we got a call from Elder and Sister Owens saying that they were coming to Rhyl to drop off a package for me... I was excited but it was only garments from mum haha...  buuuut! Elder Owens got out his guitar and gave it to me! They will be going home soon and wanted me to have it! Oh it was the sweetest thing ever! Sister Owens got emotional as she told me how much they love me! They are just the cutest! So now I have a guitar! Wooooooo! It's the best! I am slowly getting my calluses back so it won't hurt to play anymore haha!

Here's a good scripture I read this morning! D&C 64:33
"Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great."

I really like that. It's reasurring. Sometimes we get sick of doing the same things day in, day out, but we must remember that every good thing we do, even if it's little, is the start of something big and wonderful. I know that is true, sometimes we have no idea what a big difference our small actions can make. God sees every action we make and we will be blessed for doing the right thing.

Hope you all have a great week!
xoxo Sister Riley

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