Monday, August 4, 2014

I know that my Redeemer lives! (4/8 email)

This week Sister Madsen and I focused on visiting active and less active members of the church. It has been a great week and this are looking up as we have been working hard. The Rhyl ward is amazing and I have so much love for its members. I strongly believe that as we continue to visit the members and strengthen them, that their desire to share the gospel will increase and together we can bring many people into the joy of the gospel.

We had a miracle this week. We met a lady who was so prepared to hear our message. She is going through a hard time and has a lot of questions. We testified to her that God is real and loves her, that He has a plan for her which leads to happiness. She comes from a Muslim background but told us that she does not believe it. We will see her again this week.

On one of our member visits I was surprised to receive a slab of Bundaburg ginger beer! The Morris' are the best! and Bundaburg makes the best ginger beer! Haha. On Sunday a non member family came to church that are friends with a family in our ward and it was the best! We will be going round to visit them this week and I am more than excited :)

We had the opportunity to do a lot of service this week which was really nice. I haven't been able to do much service on my mission, and I was really able to see how service is such a great missionary tool! As you serve others, you and they are filled with love. Service can soften hearts and prepare people to receive the gospel.

We visited a less active family, and their kids are amazing! (one is 22 and the other 19) We had such a great chat with them about their beliefs and both of them expressed that they still have testimonies. So we will continue to visit them and help them come back :)

I just love testimony meeting and this Sunday's meeting was wonderful. I don't think there has ever been a testimony meeting where I don't feel the spirit. It really is just like a fire burning in my heart, confirming to me the truth of the words spoken. As we sung the closing hymn 136 "I know that my redeemer lives" I was reminded why this is my favourite hymn! Every time I sing it my heart is on fire! The words to this hymn have become my own and I know with all my heart that my Redeemer lives!

I hope that you all have a wonderful week. Always remember that as we turn to God He can help us make the most of our lives, to reach our potential and have lasting joy.

Love you!
xoxo Sister Riley

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Ginger beer
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