Monday, February 10, 2014

Another week in rainy Congleton (10/2 email)

I don't want to be a negative nelly, but this week wasn't the best. I know that there is a reason why we don't always have good weeks. We have to go through the rain to appreciate the sunshine (figuratively and in my case literally! haha) We worked hard but weren't able to see many fruits of our labours... but an important lesson I've learnt is that success is not defined by the numbers! You are a successful missionary when you are working hard and trying your best at all times!

However, the week ended on a massive high! Our golden investigator Emily came to church!!! Her dad came with her for the sacrament part, and then she stayed for the whole 3hrs! That is amazing! She is amazing! She had so many great questions and just finds it all so fascinating! I love her! I think her dad enjoyed church too, so I am just ridiculously excited to visit them this week!

Transfers are coming up next week!! I really don't want to leave Congleton or be split from Sister Tolman because things are just so good! It wouldn't surprise me at all if we got split up though cos thats normally how it goes... just when things are going well, President mixes things up haha! (I love him!)

We had tea at the Keebles this week; they are a cute little family that live in an area called Mow Cop that we have never worked in... so we are planning to go out there this week! I know that we will see miracles!

Well sorry it's short this week! I hope you are all doing well! I challenge you all to share your testimony with someone this week! Have the courage to open your mouth! We are promised that as we do this the Holy Ghost will help us know what to say! It's scary for the first few seconds but I promise you miracles will happen as you take a leap of faith!

xoxo Sister Riley

Sister Tolman and me
Congleton is nicknamed 'Bear Town' There are bear themed things everywhere!
Newborn Lamb at the Biddulph's farm

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