Monday, September 29, 2014

The church is true (29/9 email)

Hi everyone!

It's been a crazy week! A new set of elders have come to the area so now we have 5 sets of missionaries! We had to swap flats with the elders which was a bit rubbish cos our old flat is better.

We had some pretty great things happen this week. Molly came to church and she is progressing very well! Her baptism is set for the 16th of october :) Jack said he will be coming to church this week so we hope and pray he will be able to! He is amazing! We found some new investigators, one of them called Ted is so good! He came to church and he hung out with a bunch of the YSAs during the week... it is the best when they make friends because you don't want them to be too attatched to the missionaries. When we get transferred you want them to be comfortable in the ward and to have lots of friends.

Yesterday when we were walking home from church we bumped into a man we'd met a couple of times before. We were walking with a member who is from Vietnam, and the man we bumped into is from Vietnam too! Crazy! They got on like a house on fire! We walked back to the chapel with him and gave him a chapel tour. It was soo good! Just the timing of it all... it was meant to happen!

I just love it here! It is such a blessing and a privilege. My heart is so full of love for the people that we are teaching, and my companion is a joy to be around. I'm so so grateful I made the decision to serve, the Lord is teaching me so much. I can't believe how quick the time is going. It is a weird feeling. I will be seeing you all in no time!

Have a great week!
xoxo Sister Riley

This is a photo of my district before the new elders came in

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