Monday, October 7, 2013

I love General Conference! (7/10 email)

"Wow! What a week! I don't know where to begin to be honest. The week started off with an exchage with the sister leaders. I am so grateful for the experiences I had with Sister Leslie. She is an amazing missionary and I learnt so much from her. Coming into the exchange I had set some personal goals in areas I feel I need to develop and I was able to fufil them. We had two teaching appointments together and the spirit was very strong. Something that I wanted to improve on was my ability to recognise promptings of the spirit and then follow them. It wasn't until the end of the exchange when Sister Leslie and I were discussing how it went that I realised I have been following promptings when I teach already. Thoughts that come into my mind that I had not previously planned are from the spirit. Sister Leslie told me that the things I shared were inspired and what the investigators needed to hear. So that was a break-through moment for me, a confirmation that I have been teaching by the spirit.

I am just so excited after watching General Conference and for the wonderful messages I have heard and the beautiful spirit I have felt. We were so happy that our investigators Richard and Remek were able to attend with us. Richard said he thought it was very interesting and he has a lot of questions for our next lesson. I was so happy that there was a big focus on missionary work in the talks. It is a evidence to us all that these are the last days! That we all need to work together to bring about the work of salvation!

I have learnt a lot in my personal study this week about faith and obedience. Something that came to me in a moment of clarity was this: Faith leads to obedience and obedience strengthens faith. It is a contiuous cycle. I have set a goal to be exactly obedient and I know that as I am, that miracles will happen. What a joy it is to be a missionary! What a joy it is to help others come unto Christ.

In other news...I tried proper British fish and chips with mushy peas! It was Brill! I also had a Polish feast at Remek's! Also amazing. Yesterday I burnt my face while curling my hair :( It hurt so much and now I have an ugly mark on my face... I'm hiiiiiideous! lol Oh my goodness!

We had our first fellowshipper come out with us! Sister Lisney came with us to teach a lesson to Remek! Ahh she is the best! Seriously! Such a great example of Christlike love. She sewed my skirt for me cos I did such a rubbish job... aaaand she also sewed us these cute hankies with our names on them! Bless her cottons!

Conference was a-ma-zing! I cried my little eyes out! Jeffrey R Holland is the man! Also S Gifford Nielsen gave a brilliant talk! Heed his advice!!!! Ahhhhh! So good! General Conference is like Christmas Day for missionaries. I kid you not!

2 Tim. 4:7-8 love it!

Love you all! The church is true! Love Sister Riley xoxox
Exchange with Sister Leslie

My burn :(
Sister Martin... she will kill me if she finds out I sent this, lol!

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